Terms of Reference


Dufferin Young Professionals

(a  committee of the  Dufferin Board of  Trade )



1.1   Mandate of Dufferin Young Professionals

The Dufferin Young Professionals (DYP) has formed to offer networking and learning opportunities for young professionals to connect and learn. This committee will use a regional collaborative approach that draws upon the resources and assets of community players including DBOT, Humber College, and Georgian College, the Orangeville & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre as well as enthusiastic and committed private sector partners. The group organizes events throughout the year, presenting local experts who focus on various topics of relevance to young professionals and entrepreneurs. These popular events engage, inspire and offer great networking opportunities in a relaxed setting.


1.2   Our Shared Goals

  • To help young professionals meet other business owners and professionals in a relaxed, casual environment
  • To help facilitate opportunities for YP’s to connect through organized events
  • To foster opportunities for collaboration and partnership with other groups
  • To provide a forum for the Dufferin Young Professionals to communicate with each other to share, learn and engage
  • To foster mentorship, both from longstanding business professionals in the community and from peers within the group
  • To help YP’s increase their current business knowledge in today’s competitive market
  • To promote opportunities between YP’s and the community, other DYP participants and from DBOT


1.3   Our Guiding Principles

These principles outline how the members of Dufferin Young Professionals intend to work together. We agree to:

  • COMMIT to this initiative by regular attendance at quarterly meetings; being prepared for meetings; completing assigned tasks, participating on working groups as required; and positively promoting this initiative
  • Offer EXPERTISE actively and in a positive manner and represent member/sector/municipality interests with objectivity while supporting the overall goals of this initiative
  • Think HOLISTICALLY and demonstrate consideration for the needs of the region as a whole in the implementation of this initiative
  • Work COLLABORATIVELY and build partnership through sharing our diverse knowledge and perspectives in support of our common


1.4   Group Composition

Participation on the Dufferin Young Professionals committee is open to any interested individuals, organizations, associations or groups that support the stated mandate of the Dufferin Board of Trade and are; are working in the greater Dufferin area, or are members of the Dufferin Board of Trade. It is not necessary for committee members, excluding the Chair, to be members of DBOT, though it is encouraged to show support for the stated mandate of the Dufferin Board of Trade and its standing committees.

The roles of members of this committee are to:

  1. Act as advocates/ambassadors for the Dufferin Young Professionals mandate:
    • Within their own organization;
    • Throughout the Dufferin area
    • Across Ontario and beyond
  2. To provide periodic updates about this initiative to their respective Boards, business colleagues and/or
  3. Participation on the Dufferin Young Professionals committee could consist of (but is not limited to) representatives from the listed organizations:
    • Georgian College
    • Humber College
    • Orangeville and Area Small Business Enterprise Centre
    • Municipal Economic Development Committees


1.5   Attendance at Committee meetings

Committee members are expected to attend quarterly Committee meetings. Committee members, who are absent for four committee meetings in a calendar year or two consecutive meetings, without prior approval of the Board, shall be construed as having resigned and will be removed from the Board.

Any member of the Committee may be expelled by a majority of 1 more vote than 50% vote of the Committee as a result of actions deemed to be unfitting of the objectives of the Committee.


1.6   Dufferin Young Professionals responsibilities

In its leadership role, the Dufferin Young Professionals is responsible for decision-making for the initiative. The committee’s responsibilities include:

  • To oversee the implementation of the work of the group
  • To monitor and adjust the work plan as required
  • To secure and administer the necessary resources to implement the work plan in conjunction with DBOT staff and Board
  • To stay cognizant of areas, ideas and perspectives that may not be represented within the Group and suggest, where appropriate, that these areas be considered
  • To meet quarterly, though it is anticipated that, from time to time, additional meetings may be called to ensure the successful fulfillment of this work plan within established timeframes


1.7   The Selection of a Chair, Vice-Chair and Recording Secretary

A Chair will be nominated by the Group for a Term of (2) Years. The Chair is responsible for:
  • Providing leadership in establishing and monitoring the overall strategy and structure for the Dufferin Young Professionals;
  • Establishing a budget for DYP to be approved by the DBOT Board of Directors
  • Sitting as a voting member on the DBOT Board of Directors*
  • Reporting a committee update to the DBOT Board on quarterly basis
  • Presiding over meetings of DYP
  • Establishing the meeting agenda
  • Facilitating meetings in a focused, inclusive and timely manner
  • Working closely with staff from DBOT to ensure effective administration of Dufferin Young Professionals
  • Representing the initiative in public presentations/communications as required

*As per the by-laws of the Dufferin Board of Trade it is mandatory for the Chair of the Dufferin Young Professionals Standing Committee to be a member in good standing with the Dufferin Board of Trade.

A Vice-Chair will be nominated by the Committee. The Vice-Chair is responsible for:
  • Assuming the duties of the Chair in the absence for any reason, of the Chair; and
  • Carrying out such duties as assigned by the committee
A Secretary will be nominated by the committee. The Secretary is responsible for:
  • Recording and circulating minutes of the committee’s meetings and decisions
  • Ensuring proper notice is given for meetings;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of accurate records of all meetings;
  • Ensuring that records for Dufferin Young Professionals are regularly and properly kept and all business is conducted in accordance with any applicable statute or law, and further policies and procedures established by the committee;
  • Ensuring the maintenance and control of all correspondence and being the custodian of documents for Dufferin Young Professionals; and
  • Carrying out such duties as are assigned by the committee or the


1.8   Decision Making

  • In making decisions, the members of the Dufferin Young Professionals will abide by Robert’s Rules of Order, and:
  • Ensure all members have an opportunity to share their perspectives and speak their concerns
  • Keep minutes of all meetings


1.9   Financial Accountability and Reporting Requirements

The Dufferin Young Professionals has been formed as a committee of the Dufferin Board of Trade, and as such will adhere to administrative and financial policies outlined by DBOT, in accordance with general good governance and business standards.


1.10   Declarations of Interest

If a member is in any doubt as to the relevance of an interest that he or she has, such interest should be disclosed and the member should abstain from voting on that matter. Disclosure of interest will be a standing item on the agenda of each meeting and declarations of interest will be noted in the meeting minutes.


1.11   Legal

As a committee of the Dufferin Board of Trade, members of this committee shall be deemed harmless either personally or corporately in any affairs arising from the furtherance and implementation of goals agreed to herein, for any undertakings performed by specific direction of this committee, under the Dufferin Board of Trade Director’s Liability Insurance coverage.


1.11   Review Process

These terms of reference will be reviewed on an annual basis and amended as appropriate.